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How to Say I Love You with Pilot Pen

In the age of keyboard, mouse, and mobile, here’s a company that still believes in the loving power of a pen. Pilot Corporation of America, which offers Pilot Pen, promises to turn you into a Pilot Love Guru.

The company is running special promotion on its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. If you tell it the name of your secret crush or valentine, its Love Gurus will handwrite a special note and share it with your loved ones via the social networking sites.

Pilot is also giving away hourly prizes throughout the day to participants using #PilotLoveGuru.

The company suggests you to ditch the Valentine’s emails and impersonal text messages composed of emoticon hearts. Nothing else says “I love you” like the permanence and intimacy of a handwritten note to your special someone, it says.

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In a recent study conducted by the Pilot Love Gurus, more than 60 percent of respondents consider a handwritten note more romantic than expensive dinners, creme-filled chocolates or baubles.

Pilot Pen Message

However, the company says, nearly half of these romantics haven’t received a love note in more than a year, making now the perfect time to send that note through #PilotLoveGuru!

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You can consider one of these perfect personalized suggestions that you can create by putting Pilot pen to paper:

  • Message in a Bottle – Craft a romantic handwritten love letter in a decorative bottle or jar to show your Romeo or Juliet that you are destined to be together
  • 365 Reasons Why I Love You – Keep love alive all year round with a handwritten note for every day of the year
  • Must Love Writing…and Chocolate – A Moleskine Chocolate colored Journal and pack of Pilot pens make a sweet surprise for your sweetheart
  • Handwritten Letter Helper – These ready-to-go notes and Pilot pens are the perfect pair, making writing heartfelt love notes easier than ever
  • Let Your Love Bloom – Show your honey how perfect you are together by turning their favorite Pilot writing instruments into a bouquet of pen flowers

The company suggests you to bring the intimacy of the written word back into your Valentine’s Day messages, by saying the “write” thing with a little help from #PilotLoveGuru.

When you visit Pilot’s social media sites, you will also have a chance to win prizes throughout the day at and @PilotPenUSA on Twitter and Instagram – something fantastic for you and your sweetie.

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