Rakesh Raman Holding a Digital Marketing Program for Business Leaders in India

Rakesh Raman Holding a Digital Marketing Program for Business Leaders in India

Advertising and Marketing Options on RMN News Sites

Raman Media Network (RMN) Company is working in diversified content creation, management, and distribution businesses on a global scale. Among other content-based activities, the company runs 4 global news sites. These are:

Raman Media Network – General Global News Site [ www.ramanmedianetwork.com ]

RMN Digital – Global Technology News Site [ www.rmndigital.com ]

RMN Stars – Global Entertainment News Site [ www.rmnstars.com ]

RMN Kids – Edutainment Site for Kids [ www.rmnkids.com ]

RMN Company offers the following advertising and marketing options to brands.

A. Standard Ad Options

1. Top Ad Banner (728 x 90) or (468 x 60)

Ad Rates: US$ 1,500 (one thousand five hundred USD) or equivalent for one month of display.

2. Right Sidebar Ad Banner (300 x 250) or (250 x 250)

Ad Rates: US$ 1,200 (one thousand two hundred USD) or equivalent for one month of display.

3. Right Sidebar Ad Banner (125 x 125)

Ad Rates: US$ 1,000 (one thousand USD) or equivalent for one month of display.

4. Text Links in the Right Sidebar

Ad Rates: US$ 500 (five hundred USD) or equivalent for one month of display. Each text link ad can be up to 35 characters.

5. Text Embedded in News Stories

You can also insert your text ads in the related news items that have already been published on the site. The ad text will be up to 50 words and the word ADVERTISEMENT will be written along with your ad text.

Ad Rates: US$ 500 (five hundred USD) or equivalent per insertion per month.

Customized ad options can be discussed depending on advertisers’ requirement.


– Ready-to-use ad content will be provided by the advertisers.
– Ads will appear on the site within 48 hours of confirmed order.
– Clients will get a whopping 50% discount when they advertise under a package deal, that is, the same ad banner or ad link will appear on all our 4 news sites mentioned above.

B. Article Hosting Services

The client’s article with an external link can be published on any of the RMN News sites mentioned above for $200 USD per article per link. The article will be written by the client. 

However, if the client wants us (RMN Company) to write the article for them, the client will pay an additional amount of $300 USD for an article of up to 800 words.

C. End­-to-­End Digital Marketing Services

We also provide complete digital marketing services covering 15 different areas. The rates will depend on the scope of work which will be discussed with the client beforehand.

You can know more about our Digital Marketing Services here.

D. Exclusive Campaigns

Besides the above-stated options, we also undertake custom campaigns for brand promotions, corporate, government and political program promotions, and celebrity promotions. In this case, our service will be a combination of content creation and integrated communications using traditional as well as new-media channels.

These promotional campaigns can also be carried out as Microsites spread over multiple web pages under the RMN News sites. Microsite content will be updated regularly covering specific products or solutions of a company. Microsite options are for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months.

The rates for this service will depend on the volume of work involved.

E. New-media Content Creation and Brand Promotion Services

We also offer our iManager service to help companies leverage new-media including social media and realize the benefits of online communities.

The service comprises the following components:

  • Online community building for brand management, human resource management, customer and business partner relationship management
  • Online, interactive marketing and corporate communications
  • Blog creation and blog content management for product promotions and messaging
  • Analysis and reporting of user-generated content, user experience (UX) management
  • Interactive website content creation, web traffic analysis and management
  • Micro-blogging for instant messaging among target consumer segments

The rates for the iManager service will depend on the project and the volume of work involved.

[ Click here to know more about our Content and Communications Services ]

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