Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities

Raman Media Network: Connecting Communities

Companies from all over the world can share media information for RMN Digital site.

The information may include:

  • Press Releases on product / service introductions, corporate initiatives, top executive appointments, and others
  • User Case Studies on how users have deployed the vendor companies’ tech solutions to meet their business needs
  • Exclusive Opinion Articles by top executives
  • Event Reports
Holding Digital Marketing Awareness Program for Businesses

Holding Digital Marketing Awareness Program for Businesses

Companies can also contact RMN Digital for paid assignments, including:

  • Editorial meetings and interviews with top executives
  • Editorial meetings with company’s global customers
  • Editorial coverage of important events and press conferences
  • Blogging and Social Media Workshops for PR agencies, ad agencies, and other companies
  • Digital / New Media Training Sessions for Business Schools and Media Schools
  • Blog writing and article writing for companies

The above assignments are carried out by RMN Digital managing editor, Rakesh Raman. The per day / per session visit charges for such assignments are US$1,000 (One thousand US dollars) or equivalent amount, and the logistics support including travel, transport, stay, etc. (if applicable) will be arranged and paid by the client.

RMN Digital does not charge for editorial write-ups on companies and their brands. But the editorial coverage is provided on the sole discretion of the RMN Digital managing editor. A visit for a paid assignment will not guarantee a write-up on the site.

However, if companies want, we can write / publish Sponsored Articles, which will be marked as Sponsored Article on the site. The rates for such writing assignments and other work stated above will be discussed separately and will depend on the volume of work.


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