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Shutterstock to Provide Its Images to Facebook Advertisers

Shutterstock, Inc. (NYSE: SSTK), a leading global provider of commercial digital imagery, announced Thursday a collaboration with Facebook to offer advertisers a seamless access to millions of photographs and illustrations.

According to the company, the relationship underscores the growing importance of visuals in connecting and communicating with audiences around the globe, and expands Shutterstock’s customer reach.

“Businesses of all sizes need compelling, high-quality imagery in order to compete and to communicate with their audiences,” said Shutterstock’s founder and CEO Jon Oringer. “We’re working with Facebook to make it easier than ever for them to do just that.”

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How it works:

  • Businesses will be able to search and choose from millions of Shutterstock images directly within Facebook’s ad creation tool
  • Advertisers can use up to six images at a time when creating a group of ads, to determine which images perform the best
  • Advertisers can seamlessly use Shutterstock images in any ad created using Facebook’s Ad Create tool, including News Feed, Mobile and Desktop units
  • Access to Shutterstock imagery will be included at no additional cost to advertisers, while Shutterstock image contributors will receive royalties each time an image is licensed on the platform

“Shutterstock has a massive image library, and accessing their API allows Facebook to provide this library to our advertisers,” said Blake Williams, product manager for Facebook Ad Creation.

“This integration is especially important for small and medium-sized businesses who may not have the time or resources to acquire creative images for their marketing initiatives.”

Facebook advertisers will begin seeing the option to use Shutterstock images gradually over the next few weeks, says Shutterstock.

Photo courtesy: Shutterstock

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