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Finding Susan Glenn Web Series Goes Live

AXE, a men’s grooming brand in the U.S., has teamed up with Emmy Nominee Max Greenfield for a six-episode web series that humorously builds on the basis of the AXE “Susan Glenn” campaign.

The name Susan Glenn – created by AXE – is a pseudonym that represents the special girl in a guy’s life he hasn’t had the confidence to approach.

The “New Girl” actor wrote, directed and stars in the series “Finding Susan Glenn,” which follows Max’s character as he develops the courage to interact with his “Susan Glenn.”

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The first two episodes are available now on and, and the subsequent four in the series will be released the following week.

“I’m excited to add my personal touch to the AXE ‘Susan Glenn’ campaign, because I feel its premise – getting that girl of your dreams – is something most guys have shared at some point in their lives,” said Max Greenfield. “It was really fun coming up with a concept that shows guys how to take a stand and make sure that certain girl doesn’t get away.”

To complement the web series, AXE will kick-off a road trip to help real guys approach their “Susan Glenn.” The trip is powered by AXE’s social media channels, where fans can share their “Susan Glenn” stories, get tips on how to talk to a “Susan Glenn” and make epic declarations to their own “Susan Glenn” on and on”

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“‘Susan Glenn’ is more than a name, it’s a timeless truth for every guy that has ever walked down a school hallway,” said Matthew McCarthy, senior director of brand development for AXE. “Giving guys courage to reach out to their own ‘Susan Glenn’ is exactly what we strive to accomplish with this campaign, which remains true to the brand’s essence.”

An interactive experience – – is also currently live, which uses Facebook as a platform for guys to declare their own “Susan Glenn” in a virtual Times Square environment.

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Using 3D mapping, guys take over Times Square by uploading photos of their “Susan Glenn” on numerous billboards, after which she can navigate throughout the streets and buildings, create a slideshow of her images on the billboards and share the experience on Facebook.

AXE, a Unilever-manufactured brand, is available in a line of deodorant bodysprays, deodorant and anti-perspirant sticks, shower gels and hair care products.

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