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Do Security Managers Trust Security of their Apps?

Application vulnerabilities are a major factor in the cyber-crime game. The objectives of Quotium’s research published Friday was to better understand the solutions used to secure applications in leading corporates in Europe and in the United States.

More than 500 CISOs and Security managers have been interviewed about the security state of their applications, the frequency of attacks in their organizations and the solutions in place to mitigate these security threats.

The first fact that arises from the study is that most of the big organizations interviewed currently have processes in place to test their web applications vulnerabilities.

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Most of them use penetration testing services, automated testing tools – mostly applications scanners or static code analyzers – or web application firewalls to secure their assets.

Security Level of Applications

Security Level of Applications

However, a majority of security managers are unsure of the current level of their application security state and do believe that a hacker could manage to exploit their applications.

Also almost half do not have a clear view on the attacks currently performed against their organization.

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One of the most interesting findings of this study is the gap between the efforts put into protecting applications and the actual state of the applications.

While almost all organizations invest time, money and energy into protecting their infrastructure, using one or more types of service or technology, most applications remain vulnerable and are still being attacked.

Quotium Technologies is a specialist in the development of software solutions to ensure the security and performance of business critical applications throughout their lifecycle.

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