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Super Bowl Streams to Go Live through Facebook

A Facebook app, built by, will provide Facebook users with the ability to watch this Sunday’s Super Bowl right from their profile pages while socializing and commenting about the big game with their friends simultaneously. is billed as “Your Personal Channel Guide”, delivering over 7000 TV, Movie, Radio, News, Sports, Show, and Event Channels over the Internet, and now FreeCast’s Facebook app will guide Facebook users to the available Super Bowl streams, it says.

Earlier, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) had announced to stream a broadcast-quality live sporting event on Facebook. (Read: UFC to Stream Live Event on Facebook)

And digital media company Yahoo! has introduced its first full slate of original, premium, TV-quality web shows in tandem with the beta of its re-vamped video destination, Yahoo! Screen. (Read: Yahoo! Screen to Show You Video on the Web)  

“Facebook users will now see the huge benefit of our FreeCast app with the coming of this highly visible event. Not only will they understand that they can watch TV on their Facebook profile pages, but they will be sharing, commenting, and enjoying the game with their friends, which is what Facebook is all about,” says William Mobley, president of

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The FreeCast executive also pointed out that while he doesn’t believe Facebook is an alternative to our big screen TV experience this Sunday, he feels it can provide a huge convenience for those who don’t have television, like the millions of college students in dorms, military sites, certain workplaces, and many other locations with Internet but no televisions.

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With over 1.5 million new video files crawled and categorized each day by, Mobley is excited about the future. “Our next delivery will be Android, iPhone, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio, and Google TV multi-channel apps, in the next 30 days,” concluded Mobley.

To find out more about the FreeCast free Facebook app, you can visit:

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