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Staples and LinkedIn Launch SUCCEED for Small Businesses

Leading office product company and internet retailer Staples is partnering with professional network LinkedIn to launch SUCCEED: Small Business Network.

This online forum will serve as a platform for networking, advice and content specifically for small business professionals. The announcement was made Tuesday, Dec. 4.

In SUCCEED, Staples and LinkedIn are creating an online community that enables small businesses to connect and collaborate.

The group gives small business professionals the opportunity to network and discuss important issues, as well as share success stories and professional hurdles in an online forum created especially for them.

It will offer valuable information and content in a variety of ways, including a small-business oriented Special Edition of LinkedIn Today, an editorial platform that aggregates and curates highly relevant and targeted news from one million publishers across the web.

Meanwhile, our site RMN Digital has launched Tech-Wise Knowledge Center for SMBs to educate SMBs across the world on the finer nuances of technology selection, adoption, and management. (Visit: Tech-Wise Knowledge Center for SMBs)

“At Staples, we’re always providing new ways to help our small business customers succeed,” said Alison Corcoran, senior vice president marketing, Staples Retail. “Together with LinkedIn, we have the opportunity to develop a vital small business community and build on our relationships with this important segment through the leading social network for professionals.”

To engage members, the managed group will offer benefits such as industry expert profiles, targeted events, incentive awards, spotlight Q&As, and weekly polls. The content will be managed, and monitored by a dedicated editorial staff at LinkedIn.

“We are pleased to work with Staples to create an environment which offers content that matters to small business professionals,” said Jonathan Lister, vice president, North American Sales, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn. “Through SUCCEED, we aim to give our members the resources they need to be more productive and successful within the digital and social context that is most relevant to them.”

Staples branding will be visible throughout the group’s page, including a “Powered by Staples” tag and four areas of branded content on the right rail. LinkedIn has also placed measurement tools on the group’s page for administrators and members to gauge performance using on-site analytics.

Both companies aim to engage existing Staples customers as well as capture the attention of new small business professionals. As such, both companies will amplify insights from the group through a combination of member-facing e-mails and e-newsletters, messaging on the Staples LinkedIn Company Page, and posts on social media channels.

To join the SUCCEED: Small Business Network, visit

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