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How Technology Gets Personal with Women

By Rakesh Raman

Women – particularly the beautiful* ones – fascinate all. This is true for technology, too. In fact, today’s technology has a special place for women right in its heart.

You’d see that most tech tools are equally useful for men as well as women, but some offerings woo women only. Here are a few hot examples that establish this fact.

Of late, Brit retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) invited female fashion bloggers of real shapes and sizes to create body shape styling advice for the woman everywhere.

The online advice hub has an informative video and styling tips page, giving information on how to identify the five main body shapes.

M&S hopes that the hub will give women the confidence they need to make an informed decision when choosing dresses for their body shape.

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Slowly and smoothly technology can reach right near their hearts. Here’s a new technology that promises to personalize breast augmentation results. A dream that many women share is improved appearance through breast augmentation.

But while almost 20% have considered breast implants, only a small percentage of them ultimately realize that dream, often deterred by uncertainty over the outcome.

Now, technology from Canfield Imaging Systems claims it can help women decide on the look they desire and connects them to a practice that will deliver on the promise of their dreams.

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Technology for Women

Technology for Women

Once the breasts are in place, you’d certainly need a sexy bra to cover them. Options galore. The new Lane Bryant Cacique unlined back smoothing bra is claimed to be the first and only full-coverage bra with LYCRA 2.0 technology to enhance comfort, stretch and fit retention.

Leading women’s specialty full figured apparel retailer Lane Bryant believes that sweaters always look and fit best when a woman’s curves are hugged by the best lingerie.

And Phoebe, an animated icon for Dillard’s Intimate Apparel, takes the viewer into the fitting room to watch a bra fitting in progress. The video stresses the importance of getting a professional “bra makeover” at least once a year.

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Today, technology is not only available for improving women’s outer looks, but it can also go deeper to take care of other health issues. Since every woman’s body is different, getting pregnant is not the same for every woman. The First Response Digital Ovulation Test, introduced by Church & Dwight, is personalizing the process and adding clarity to conception.

This new at-home ovulation test features technology that can detect a woman’s personal luteinizing hormone (LH) surge (the hormonal indication of ovulation) based on her own individual hormone levels.

Technology for Women

Technology for Women

Tracking a woman’s personal LH levels can better detect the optimal time to conceive. Unlike other at-home ovulation tests available on the market which determine ovulation based on a preset test average, this new test considers every woman’s body to be unique by determining LH surges from personal baseline levels, says the company.

Similarly, P&G along with Always, a leading player in feminine protection market, had launched the Always Me mobile application – a period and ovulation tracker. The application was designed with inputs from a select group of women-focused Web site editors, bloggers and female health experts to help satisfy a fundamental need for women.

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Not just a standard period and ovulation tracker, the Always Me application is a personalized, on-the-go application that helps women manage their cycles and offers timely support and advice.

Moreover, today’s online social media has been particularly kind to women. To help them stay fit, for example, Conde Nast’s SELF, a leading women’s active lifestyle brand, introduced SELF Workout in the Park, a social game on Facebook.

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Technology for Women

Technology for Women

Providing an immersive, interactive experience that celebrates fitness, health and wellness, the game combines virtual gameplay with real-world pursuits. According to the company, the game captures a woman’s interest in improving herself, which underscores the primary mission of the SELF brand.

Similarly, an online wedding planning resource launched wedding and fashion videos online. Brides on the site could access videos of their favorite dresses while browsing photos, watch exclusive live streaming of Bridal Fashion Week on this site and Facebook, and provide real-time feedback on all the looks via Facebook Chat.

In the social networking space, you get a dedicated web hangout for young women. The Levo League, a technology startup working for career development of young professional women, recently announced its official launch with the introduction of an online community and recruiting platform.

You can, thus, see that technology is softly touching women on all possible sides – from top to bottom. While it’s happening, men can merely keep watching from a distance till they also get a similar favor.

.* No woman is ugly.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Digital.

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