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Fashion Bloggers to Promote Advice Hub for Women

Brit retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has called upon five fashion bloggers of real shapes and sizes to create body shape styling advice for the woman everywhere.

Launching today, June 24, the online advice hub has an informative video and styling tips page, giving information on how to identify the five main body shapes.

M&S hopes that the hub will give women the confidence they need to make an informed decision when choosing dresses for their body shape.

In the new-media world, where traditional media is already losing its sheen, companies are increasingly inviting bloggers to convey their brand messages. (Read: Blogosphere: Where Bloggers Promote Your Brands)

Five Fashion Bloggers in their Chosen M&S Dresses

Five Fashion Bloggers in their Chosen M&S Dresses

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But while almost 20% have considered breast implants, only a small percentage of them ultimately realize that dream, often deterred by uncertainty over the outcome. (Read: Technology for Women Who Want Beautiful Breasts)

Working collaboratively on the project fashion bloggers Muireann Carey-Campbell, Amanda Carr, Kate Sutton, Gemma Cartwright and Harriet Thorn offer their personal styling expertise and can be seen self-modelling the dresses, proving that there’s a style for all women at M&S.

Rectangle shaped, Muireann of, says, “For me it’s all kind of about the optical illusion of creating a bit of a waist. I tend to go for classic shift dresses but if there’s gathering in that area it always helps. I’ll experiment more with different fabrics, colours and patterns.”

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Fashion Bloggers

Fashion Bloggers

But for curvy hour-glass shaped Kate of, it’s all about the right amount of cleavage, “I can’t really avoid it, but [I tend to show] my cleavage area – but I don’t like to show too much off, just enough! I would tend to wear a maxi dress in the day, something free-flowing and comfortable. In the evening, something more fitted, probably a bit sexier and just below the knee. ”

Amanda of is more concerned with support and structure, “Because I’m slightly older – I’m over fifty – I’m looking to cover up that ‘fifty-roll’ you get as you get older, around the waist. So I really love dresses, often with a bit of structure in them. As you get older you like a bit of structure in your dresses.”

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Gemma of and Harriet of, who are pear and hour glass shapes respectively, agree that nipped in waists and fuller skirts are the most flattering on their frames.

The body shape advice hub also offers a free to download ‘buyer’s guide’ with tips from assistant dresses buyer, Barbara Bobadilla, which customers can print and take to store with them to assist in the purchasing journey.

Barbara says, “Pop the guide in your handbag and bring to your local M&S, so you’ll always have some key pointers to stick to when dressing your body shape”.

You can view the ‘How To Dress For My Body Shape’ advice hub online within the dresses section of

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