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Digital Camera that Allows Live Video Streaming

JVC KENWOOD Corporation is introducing the JVC GC-XA1, a new style of action camera nicknamed “ADIXXION”. (Strange names. Can these product names and nicknames be simple?)

Introduced today, June 28, the camera weighs 126g (0.28lbs), with a heavy-duty design that does not require a protective housing. The quad-proof design is waterproof to a depth of 5m (16.4 ft), shockproof to withstand a fall from 2m (6.5ft) high, as well as dustproof and freezeproof.

Its scratch-resistant rubber texture also plays a part in this camera’s ruggedness and smart looks. A 1.5-inch LCD monitor is built right into the side of the camera so you can check results on the spot, with no add-on to add weight and bulk.

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The body also has two standard tripod holes for easy mounting in a variety of locations. It has built-in Wi-Fi feature. Wireless connection to a smartphone allows framing to be checked before recording, even if the camera is already mounted in an inaccessible spot.

It’s also possible to send images “live” to a PC via Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot, or transfer data to a PC for distribution on social networks. It has also the ability to stream “live” high-definition videos in real-time to USTREAM without a PC.

The company says iOS and Android apps will be available for download free of charge, while Wi-Video PC software is supplied with the camera.

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