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Yahoo Livetext – A New Way to Connect

Yahoo Livetext

Yahoo Livetext

Yahoo! Inc. announced Wednesday Yahoo Livetext, a new app for one-to-one live video texting on iPhone and Android phones.

Yahoo Livetext blends the convenience and ease of texting, with the immediacy and vividness of live video, but without the audio – so you can use it in any context, explains the company.

“Every platform shift leads to new forms of communication, driven by our desire to connect and interact in richer ways,” said Adam Cahan, senior VP of Video, Design, and Emerging Products. “We wanted to create a new way to communicate, blending the simplicity of texting with the emotion and immediacy of live video, to make your experience spontaneous and real.”

Yahoo Livetext is a new way to stay in touch – it’s non-intrusive, quick and real-time – yet also fleeting, just like real-life conversations. Interactions, from a goofy smile, to an eye roll and a sigh, mean ‘Lol’ isn’t needed to ensure the meaning of a text message – as real-time reactions are placed at the center of the conversation.

The company is rolling out Yahoo Livetext globally, beginning with Hong Kong, Taiwan and Ireland. Today (July 30) Yahoo Livetext will be available in the App Store and Google Play Store in five new countries – U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, and France.

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