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Watson Partners Introduce Cognitive Products and Apps

Watson Partners Introduce Cognitive Products and Apps

Watson Partners Introduce Cognitive Products and Apps

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a new milestone as more than 100 of its Watson partners have now introduced cognitive enabled apps, products and services into the market.

These partners – start ups and innovators in established businesses – are leveraging the Watson Developer Cloud, a platform used by more than 77,000 developers globally to pilot, test and deploy new business ideas.

According to IBM, the app economy is in full swing, projected to grow to $143 billion in 2016 with applications catering to every conceivable interest and industry.

To help organizations tap into this market opportunity IBM today expanded its portfolio of Watson APIs and services to accelerate the development of Watson fueled businesses and help partners differentiate their businesses.

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To advance innovative businesses that are resulting from the Watson Ecosystem program, IBM is drawing upon $100 million intended to seed select start-ups and businesses. Early investments have included WayBlazer, Sellpoints, Welltok, Pathway Genomics, Modernizing Medicine, and Fluid.

Watson is an open cognitive computing technology platform and represents a new era in computing where systems understand the world in the way that humans do: through senses, learning, and experience.

Watson continuously learns, gaining in value and knowledge over time, from previous interactions. With the help of Watson, IBM says, organizations are harnessing the power of cognitive computing to transform industries, help professionals do their jobs better, and solve important challenges.

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