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Technology Meets Fashion with Wearable Health Trackers

Activité Pop

Activité Pop

Withings, which provides connected health solutions, revealed Sunday the new face of activity tracking with Activité Pop – an analog watch with an activity and sleep tracker inside.

Following on the heels of the Withings Activité watch, Activité Pop enters the space of wearable health trackers by making the convergence of fashion and mobile technology accessible to consumers.

Activité Pop joins its predecessor in a new category of motion trackers where sophisticated sensors as well as connectivity technology are seamlessly integrated into a timeless fashion accessory.

The Activité Pop analog watch features a lightweight and fun-to-wear design that extends across the PVD-coated watchcase and the smooth silicone strap.

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In order to match and express any personal style, the watch comes in 3 distinctive “Pop chic” colors (Azure, Shark Grey, Sand) and a set of soon-to-come playful wristbands.

“We’ve paired Activité’s elegant Parisian design with fun-to-wear materials and pop colors in order to create a very personal device that people would want to wear and never take off,” said Cédric Hutchings, CEO of Withings. “It is time wearables step up to what they claim to be!” he added.

Activité Pop features two hand dials, one showing the time and a sub dial showing percentage progress of specific activity goals. The objective (e.g.: 10 000 steps) is set within the application and, throughout the day, the user knows where they stand in a glimpse of an eye.

When the goal is achieved, the watch vibrates. The watch also automatically recognizes and tracks swimming and running. Worn at night, it monitors sleep quality and wakes the user up with a gentle vibration.

Withings will demonstrate Activité Pop at CES January 6-9th, 2015. Best Buy will be the exclusive USA launch partner for Activité Pop, which will be available for immediate purchase at today, January 5th, 2015, in limited quantities for $149.95.

Activité Pop will be available at Best Buy stores and online in March 2015.

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