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How to Gift Digital Movies with M-GO Gift Cards

Digital movie and TV streaming service M-GO today announced a new partnership that will bring over a dozen of this year’s popular movies into the top supermarkets.

Just in time for the holiday season, M-GO branded gift cards will be available at select Safeway and other U.S. retail supermarkets starting today, Dec. 3.

“As a company we wanted to solve the consumer problem of how to gift a digital movie in a physical way, providing the tangible gratification and joy of exchanging presents over the holidays,” said John Batter, CEO of M-GO. “By giving consumers the personal touch of picking the right movie for the right person, we’ve blended the best of physical and digital experiences.”

The M-GO movie gift card mall within the supermarkets will include the following titles – several of which are pre-DVD availability: The Croods, Elf, Epic, The Great Gatsby, Grown Ups 2, Pacific Rim, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, The Heat, The Internship, The Wolverine, Turbo and Smurfs 2.

Movies gift cards will be available in Digital HD with a price point from $12.99 to 14.99, depending on the title.

In addition, M-GO gift cards for anything on M-GO will be available for $15, allowing consumers the freedom to choose any film or television show from M-GO’s library of entertainment.

Consumers can purchase the M-GO gift cards from M-GO branded mall displays at participating supermarkets and add their movies to their account by going to

The movie is available instantly on M-GO supported devices including Smart TVs, tablets, smart phones, web browsers, Blu-Ray players, and streaming boxes.

Consumers can find locations for the M-GO gift cards at MGO movie gift cards are also available online in mid-December at

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