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Using Online 3-D Configurator to Build Your Home

Green, precision homebuilder Blu Homes and technology-powered real estate broker Redfin say they have teamed up to make building a sustainable home on well-chosen land easier than ever.

Customers can now find and buy property through Redfin, and then immediately personalize, site, and build their new home on that land with Blu.

The collaboration is now active for customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is expected to expand nationally in the coming months. Blu Homes customers can begin their land search and find a Redfin agent by going to

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Homebuilders will start their land search by contacting a Blu sales associate, who will connect them with a local Redfin real estate agent. Customers can browse complete and accurate land listings on Redfin, and work with an expert Redfin agent to purchase their land. Blu Homes will perform site assessments to ensure building readiness.

Once land is purchased, customers can use Blu’s online 3-D Configurator to personalize one of seven architect-designed homes. Skilled craftsmen in the Blu Homes’ 250,000 square-foot factory in Vallejo, CA then build the home in just 6-8 weeks.

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Once complete, the Blu home is installed on-site in one day and completed in 2-3 weeks by Blu’s teams of craftsmen. This speed and convenience is thanks to Blu’s proprietary building science technology, which allows its homes to be folded for quick and cost-effective transportation and setting on site.

All of this is done at a pre-agreed, fixed cost. It was announced Wednesday, August 29.

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