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RainedOut Offers Free Text Message Advertising

RainedOut, a leading provider of free event and group communication services, has announced a special promotion offering new advertisers the chance to sign up with $100 in free advertising.

The free offer gives new advertisers a “no strings” opportunity to experience the SMS text message advertising network in local sports content. Advertisers can target and reach new customers by group, geography, affinity, or reach a nationwide audience, says the company.

RainedOut’s self-serve ad platform taps into an audience that “needs” these messages. Ads that appear on these messages come “uncompeted,” unlike other print and web advertising that competes with other advertisers, links, photos or content, according to the company.

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“We did a soft launch of the $100 free ad promotion at the end of January and have already seen an uptick in the rate of new ad accounts,” explains Ara Bagdasarian, CEO of RainedOut. “It is very convenient to create custom mobile ads and this accessibility is very appealing to local sponsors.”

Bagdasarian continued, “Your ad is placed if you are one of the top three bidders of a particular message. The placements are split across 50/30/20 percent of the messages accordingly, so even the smallest ad budget can win exposure.”

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Any sized business or agency can log into RainedOut’s self-serve ad platform, create ads, set budgets, target an audience, and view placement reports. Ads are placed only with customers the advertiser wants to attract – ads can be targeted by group, location, category, or be seen on all messages across the country as a national advertiser.

For example, an affinity advertiser who makes baseball bats might advertise on all messages in the baseball and softball categories of RainedOut. Ads appear as sponsors in the last 25 characters of RainedOut messages and can be a hyperlink if using a “.com” address in the ad copy. To learn more, you can visit The announcement was made Friday, Feb. 17.

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