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Glide Allows Video Texting on Your Mobile

Glide Allows Video Texting on Your Mobile

Glide Allows Video Texting on Your Mobile

Video texting solutions provider Glide has released Glide 2.0 for iPhone, an update of the instant video messaging app.

The company’s proprietary, patent-pending streaming video technology lets users send and receive video messages instantaneously.

The moment a user taps record, the video message is simultaneously broadcast live to recipients and stored to the cloud for on-demand viewing at any time.

This approach makes communication much faster and simpler than sending a video message as an attachment, and more convenient than video calling, says the company.

As a result, chats no longer need to be scheduled in advance and users don’t have to wait until their friends are available to start a conversation.

“When we debuted Glide last year, our goal was to make messaging more convenient and expressive than ever before,” said Adam Korbl, chief product & marketing officer of Glide. “Our users rapidly adopted this new behavior, which they refer to as ‘video texting’.”

Glide is free and available for iOS and Android. You can download Glide 2.0 for iPhone.

Photo courtesy: Glide

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