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#Unfollow Fashion Campaign for Women Everywhere

#Unfollow Fashion Campaign for Women Everywhere

An online fashion destination FabAlley in India has launched a campaign, #Unfollow. It is based on an idea of being the Girl Uninterrupted which is about empowering women everywhere to be comfortable in their own skin.

Starring stand-up comic artist – Radhika Vaz, the Faballey #Unfollow Campaign challenges the stereotypical notions of Improper, Unprofessional, or Inappropriate dressing for a woman.

It encourages being Un-everything and Unfollowing every fashion trend. It aims at challenging every stereotype and convention that impedes a woman’s pursuit of freedom.

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In a new video, a confident and nude Radhika Vaz showcases a woman who is finally standing up to the fact that she is not going to conform to the rules laid out for her by everyone around her.

“Our campaign aims at encouraging young women everywhere to be Un-Everything,” said Shivani Poddar and Tanvi Malik, co-founders,

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