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Web’s Talkin’ – Will You Listen to the Web?

SageLINQ app

SageLINQ app

The SageLINQ app converts live internet content into audible speech and streams to listeners, enabling ‘Eyes Forward’ access to a wide variety of information sources, reveals the company.

According to SageLINQ, it uses speech conversion algorithms to deliver content in a smooth and natural manner.

Its on-the-fly delivery and adaptive learning features allow SageLINQ to deliver a truly personalized experience with minimal listener intervention.

Whether driving, jogging, riding, or just relaxing, SageLINQ delivers, enabling listeners to stay up to date, in a safe and worry free manner, the company says.

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How it works: SageLINQ’s new app is the first release of the company’s Automated Vocalization of The Internet (AVTI) project.

The app autonomously gathers data from a wide range of internet sources, intelligently transforms into high quality speech, and streams it live to the listener’s devices; an experience very similar to conventional talk radio.

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The overall experience is akin to having a personalized talk radio station backed by the wide variety of content of the Web. A key goal of the project is to unlock the true power of mobile computing, including the proliferation of wearable devices that can benefit from the reduced need for bulky, distracting and power hungry display systems.

SageLINQ provides enhanced access to internet content for the visually impaired, those who find it difficult to read content from small portable devices, and any situation where it is not convenient, healthy, or safe to stare at a device for extended periods of time.

SageLINQ is available now and is free to download, currently English only.

SageLINQ was founded in 2012 to market the Automated Vocalization of the Internet (AVTI) project, to develop and promote ‘Eyes Forward’ technology for mobile systems.

Photo courtesy: SageLINQ

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