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Sony Invites Developers to Create Content for PlayStation Vita

Sony Invites Developers to Create Content for PlayStation Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) has announced that the official version of “Unity for PlayStation Mobile” (Unity for PSM) is now available.

“Unity for PSM” is a fully integrated solution of “Unity” from Unity Technologies, and is optimized for the creation of PSM content for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) and PlayStation TV (PS TV).

The official version of “Unity for PSM” removes the need for extensive re-coding, allowing developers to easily port their games created for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices to launch on PSM.

According to the company, this opens up the PS Vita platform to a broader range of mobile developers and will help fuel the expansion of the gaming lineup for both the PS Vita and PS TV systems.

Additionally, “Unity for PSM” makes it easier for developers to create games that incorporate unique features of the PS Vita system, such as its dual analog sticks and the rear touchpad.

The “PSM Developer Program,” which is aimed at providing support to developers creating dedicated content for PSM, has expanded to a total of 32 countries and regions.

This program allows developers to distribute their content easily through PlayStation Store to PSM users worldwide.

Photo courtesy: Sony

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