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WGT Baseball: MLB Game on Facebook

WGT Baseball: MLB is a free realistic baseball game on Facebook that puts fans inside their favorite MLB ballparks in HD virtual reality.

In a new blend of social gaming and fantasy sports, players manage their rosters of Facebook friends, making strategic in-game decisions and competing head-to-head against other players in a home run derby, single-inning games, and new month-long seasons.

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WGT (World Golf Tour) announced Thursday the official launch of the “WGT Baseball: MLB” game on Facebook.

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The growth of WGT Baseball: MLB is coming with the company’s World Golf Tour game and expansion into other sports, the company also has been renamed from World Golf Tour to WGT, and will continue to publish new games for sports fans under the WGT brand.

“Our vision has been to expand sports media by developing realistic social sports games that engage sports fans,” said YuChiang Cheng, co-founder and CEO, WGT.

Based in San Francisco, WGT develops online sports games.

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