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Social Media Poll Rates the Performance of India Government


A local social network LocalCircles claims that its recent poll among its users has evaluated the performance of the BJP-led NDA government in India.

Announcing the results of its poll on Sunday, LocalCircles said it has concluded a community poll on the performance of first year of the NDA government.

With approximately 25,000 citizens responding to each one of the 8 poll questions, this poll provides collective citizen pulse on state of things, the progress made in the last year, what is working and what needs action, said LocalCircles.

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Here are the findings from the LocalCircles poll:

  • 68% of the citizens have felt positive changes on the ground in the past 1 year as a result of government efforts
  • 68% believe the government programs like Swachh Bharat, Jan Dhan Yojna, etc. positively impacted them
  • 47% believe that corruption has reduced in the past 1 year from previous years
  • 44% believe the government has taken actions to improve women and child safety in the nation
  • 56% believe the government is effectively handling issues of communalism
  • 18% believe the elected Member of Parliament (MP) is engaged in addressing the issues of the constituency
  • 78% believe government is making systemic changes to improve governance and citizen services
  • 88% are hopeful of positive changes in the next four years from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government

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LocalCircles also had conducted a poll on 100 days of the government. Interestingly, it says, some ratings including engagement of the MP with constituency were similar indicating that the MPs despite the findings from the 100 day survey, have not engaged more effectively at the constituency level.

Citizen rating of government’s commitment / actions towards fighting corruption has dropped from 61% to 47%. Citizen evaluation of government commitment towards improving women safety and tackling communalism in the 1 year poll is also slightly lower from the 100 day poll.

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Both, fighting corruption and addressing women safety were listed as 2 of the 3 top government priorities for 2015 identified by the LocalCircles India Governance and Development community with 200,000 citizens, the company said.

The third priority was energizing and empowering bureaucracy to deliver on the big promises made by the government in 2014. Strong actions remain to be seen on all these fronts, the poll revealed.

In a separate poll, recently conducted by LocalCircles in its 250,000-strong Swachh Bharat community, citizens indicated positives of the Swachh Bharat Mission being awareness creation but also highlighted that only very local few civic bodies are engaged in the mission and with the citizens and that is dampening the momentum of Swachh Bharat.

LocalCircles released the results of its poll on Sunday, May 24.

Photo courtesy: LocalCircles

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