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Social Media Marketing Offer for Small Businesses

While social media continues to be an enigma for marketers, there’s no dearth of social media solutions in the market. Now comes VerticalResponse Social that targets smaller outfits.

Introduced today, June 19, the new self-service marketing solution promises to help small businesses use social media and extend the reach of their online marketing campaigns.

Can it?

Raman Media Network Comments: Marketers who think that social network users can become useful consumers are living in a perpetual state of illusion. (Read: 10 Reasons Why Social Media Doesn’t Help)

“VerticalResponse Social makes it easier than ever for small businesses to share content across email and social media and also engage with their customers, because now they can do it all from one integrated dashboard,” said VerticalResponse CEO Janine Popick (pictured above).

“They can choose curated content from our automatic feeds or their own content, then create and schedule a campaign that’s spread through both email and social media to amplify their message. They also can manage social conversations and deepen their engagement with their customers,” continued Popick. ”

Raman Media Network Comments: At this stage, social media sites are just for some idle junkies who have plenty of time to waste by just hanging around there. These sites are not yet ready for any serious online marketing. (Read: Five Bitter Truths about Social Media)

VerticalResponse Social offers:

Social media marketing. Users can create, schedule and publish content to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles from one place, up to 30 days in advance. For campaigns, VerticalResponse Social provides recommendations on the ideal number of links, questions, quotes or status updates to publish over the campaign duration.

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Ability to extend content and marketing campaigns across channels. With VerticalResponse Social, users can share their content across channels from one platform. For example, a restaurant owner who is planning a limited-time-only menu can schedule and launch both an email campaign and a series of social media posts and tweets promoting the menu all from one integrated dashboard, with full reporting.

Content fed directly to the VerticalResponse Social dashboard. Users get relevant, up-to-the-minute content based on industry and special interests, from quotes to blog posts to news, so that they don’t have to waste time looking for content. Simply select and share. A custom content calendar makes it easy to manage and track communications.

Easy engagement with fans and followers. Users can view, respond to and track comments and replies – whether they’re from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – all within the VerticalResponse dashboard.

Businesses can try out the new VerticalResponse Social platform free for 30 days. After that, it costs $18 per month. Special pricing discounts are available for existing VerticalResponse customers and non-profit organizations, says the company.

Photo courtesy: VerticalResponse

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