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Social Media Campaign to Save Olympic Wrestling

The global wrestling community is coming together on social media as the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, FILA, launches the #TakeAStance campaign.

FILA is encouraging wrestlers, fans and supporters all over the world to send photos of themselves, in their wrestling stance and look for them to be uploaded on the FILA Official Facebook page at

Additionally, all Olympic wrestling fans are invited to post images on Facebook and Twitter, of themselves, their friends or teammates, in the classic wrestling stance with the hashtag #TakeAStance.

FILA will be monitoring the hashtag and will share and retweet some of their favorites.

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“#TakeAStance is an easy way for all wrestling fans, from around the world, to show their support for Olympic wrestling,” said FILA president Nenad Lalovic. “Regardless of which one of our 177 national federations you wrestle for or support, we encourage everyone that wants to Save Olympic Wrestling to take part in this fun and engaging social media campaign.”

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In addition to the photo initiative, FILA is offering the wrestling community another way to #TakeAStance. FILA recently launched a Thunderclap drive – Thunderclap is a social media tool that allows users to donate one post and/or tweet to amplify their cause through one unified message shared by multiple users.

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On Wednesday, August 14, at 12 noon EDT, across hundreds of unique Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, the message “Did you know YOU can help Save Olympic Wrestling? Help me spread the word today” will be shared in unison, creating a swell of support to keep wrestling in the Olympic Games.

The #TakeAStance movement will run until the final vote at the 125th International Olympic Committee Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in September.

FILA, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles, is the global governing body of the sport of wrestling. It works to promote the sport and facilitate the activities of its 177 national federations from around the world. It is based in Corsier-Sur-Vevey, Switzerland.

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