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Share Your #BeautyStory Socially with Dove

Share Your #BeautyStory Socially with Dove

Share Your #BeautyStory Socially with Dove

When it comes to a woman’s beauty habits, it is a mother’s influence that means the most. New research by Dove found that more than half of women agree that their mother taught them their first beauty routine, and many still incorporate those beauty routines into their lives today.

While today’s society is often dominated by celebrity culture, or viewed as such, the study unveils that it is the real relationships in a woman’s life that leave the strongest lasting beauty impression.

Three times as many women said their mothers influenced their beauty routines than say celebrities have, and a staggering 84% of women trust the women in their lives over celebrities for beauty tips and advice.

Dove Beauty Stories

Four Generations campaign and film encourage women to honor the women in their lives that have taught them how to live beautifully.

In celebration of the Dove Beauty Bar, a product for women, the campaign is set to inspire the next generation with the lessons, tips and advice they have learned through the power of storytelling.

Share Your #BeautyStory

Beginning on May 4, Dove will call on its community to share their own #BeautyStory and celebrate the real women that have inspired them.

Throughout the week, leading up to Mother’s Day, followers and fans of the brand’s social channels will be prompted to celebrate the different women in their life from their aunts to their sisters to their best friends.

The socially driven campaign will culminate on Mother’s Day where women will have the opportunity to pay homage to their mothers and the beautiful lessons they taught them.

Dove, manufactured by Unilever, is a personal wash brand.

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