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Can Guys Know What Girls Think About Them…and Sex?

Can Guys Know What Girls Think About Them...and Sex?

Can Guys Know What Girls Think About Them…and Sex?

A private network for girls Lulu brings a ray of hope for groping guys. Today, it has launched a separate experience for guys to learn what girls think about them and about sex, all anonymously.

This comes as a response to overwhelming interest from guys who want to know how they’re doing on Lulu, says the company. Since launching one year ago, many guys have signed up to appear on Lulu.

This new guy experience is now available to download for free in the App Store and will be available on Google Play in the coming weeks.

Here’s how it works. Guys can now get personalized analytics about their profiles on Lulu. They can see their average score and how they rate across seven categories, such as kissing, ambition, commitment, humor, manners, look and style, and sex.

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They can also see hashtags that girls they know use to describe them, such as #CleansUpGood, #CallsOnTime, or #MaleUnicorn.

Additionally, guys can watch their Lulu fan club grow and see in real time the number of girls who have checked out their profile, searched for them on Lulu, and favorited their profile. Guys can also learn what girls really want from sex and relationships.

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Everyone claims to know what women want from sex. Lulu actually knows, says the company. Guys can read anonymous polls, answered by girls, on topics ranging from sexting to three-ways.

They can also check out Dear Lulu, a sex advice column in which real girls answer guys’ questions about sex and relationships.

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Privacy will continue to be at the heart of Lulu, and all activity from girls on Lulu will still be completely anonymous. Girls can only see and create reviews for guys who have signed up for Lulu and who are open to feedback.

“This launch completes our vision for Lulu in the relationship vertical,” says Alexandra Chong, Lulu’s CEO and co-founder.

Photo courtesy: Lulu

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