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How to Live a Simple Digital Life

What is a digital life for a normal human being? It’s about conserving energy, checking on the welfare of loved ones, or maximizing home security by just pressing a key on a smartphone or tapping the screen of a tablet.

Now, AT&T is ready to ensure such a digital life for you. It has designed a new platform to offer these types of connections to service providers around the globe.

The company plans to launch AT&T Digital Life, an IP-based remote monitoring and automation platform to equip global service providers with the capabilities to offer their subscribers customizable, web-based home automation, energy and security services.

Announced Thursday, Feb. 23, the platform, a complete end-to-end solution, will enable providers to offer their consumers devices like wireless sensors and cameras that will communicate with a control center inside the home, managed through a web based user interface.

Digital Life features licensed software development kits, and other services like hardware certification, application hosting, and technical and integration support.

“We’ve built a robust platform that equips international service providers with the foundation needed to build a digital life solution for their customers,” said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president, Digital Life, AT&T Mobility.

“The platform is flexible, intuitive and scalable, providing service providers with a path into a market of significant growth opportunity. With Digital Life, service providers will have the ability to arm their subscribers with technology to stay connected to what matters most to them in a simple, convenient, secure, and customizable way.”

AT&T Digital Life offers several benefits to international service providers, including lower entry costs into a market that can potentially generate new revenue streams and reduce churn, says the company.

The platform offers a customizable experience that enables service providers to develop a unique graphic user interface and extend branding to devices. Service providers will have the opportunity to tailor solutions for multiple segments – consumer, small business and healthcare – based on their specific needs.

The AT&T platform is expected to be available to international service providers later this year.  It has been designed for multi-country use and can be self-installed in the home or office.

AT&T will demonstrate the Digital Life platform capabilities from February 27 through March 1 at the GSMA Connected House at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Photo courtesy: AT&T

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