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Revealing My 21 Romantic Confessions on Facebook

Actually, all this is about the romantic rendezvous that I have relished on Facebook, but never got a chance to discuss about it openly.

By Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman

Like most of you, Facebook has become my lifeblood too – well, kinda. While I have been using Facebook for the past five years or so, here are some of my secret admissions during my tryst with Facebook.

I have put my experiences in the form of my confessions that I have never revealed before for the fear of getting misunderstood.

But my conscience has always been impelling me to reveal the truth that has been dwelling in my heart.

Actually, all this is about the romantic rendezvous that I have relished on Facebook, but never got a chance to discuss about it openly.

Romantic Confessions

Now, nevertheless, here are my 21 confessions:

  1. Some of my Facebook friends – of course, female friends – are so beautiful that I want to write a poem on their beauty. Alas, I can’t write it because I’m not a poet.
  2. Usually, I do not like or comment on Facebook posts shared by others because they are too mundane, boring. But when I do, I only like the face of the Facebook friend who posts something.
  3. There’s a strange chemistry between me and a few Facebook friends. I always feel they’re trying to express their love for me. I want to reciprocate but feel scared. So, I just go to their Facebook wall and come back quietly. I presume they also do the same for me.
  4. When some of my beautiful friends visit my Facebook wall, I feel so ecstatic that I find them at a breathing distance from me, although most are seven seas away.
  5. I also curse Facebook for creating the ‘Wall’ between me and my those Facebook friends who feel hesitant to cross the wall. Dear friends, don’t take it as a wall between us. Rather, treat it as an open door which will always welcome you. Trust me.
  6. I want some of my female ‘friends’ to be always available in Facebook chat, though I don’t have the courage to chat with them because we don’t know each other in the real world.
  7. I do not want my Facebook friends to use Facebook with their mobile phones because this gives me a strange feeling that they’re not close to me. I like them to use the Web only.
  8. I do not like those fair sex Facebook friends who call me to Skype, as they want to “use their camera” on Skype for me. They don’t understand the true meaning of love. They don’t understand that true love is never between bodies; true love is only between souls.
  9. Although I don’t know them personally, some of my female friends are so attractive that I feel I can touch them. My heart says they come to Facebook only to see me. It may sound weird but most things are weird in love and romance.
  10. When they like my post, I get the feeling that they have actually liked me. I may be utterly wrong. But that’s the truth.
  11. I do not like when some of my friends change their profile pictures because I liked their first-sight pictures that attracted me toward them. But unfortunately I can’t tell them what I like because I feel shy. Really.
  12. I also feel let down when some of my female friends appear on Facebook with their cat, dog, mouse, or even spouse because I see their companions as my rivals.
  13. Although they’re still my friends, I’m really, really troubled by my cheating friends who masquerade as film actresses and fashion models but actually these are fake Facebook profiles. Sad but true.
  14. I find it quite upsetting when some beautiful ladies come to me for Facebook chat but they don’t know the English language. And I can’t converse in their language such as French or Portuguese. Online translation tools are not quite reliable.
  15. Some beautiful souls keep chatting with me on Facebook. But I feel cheated when after a couple days they start asking me for money telling me some cock and bull stories of distress at their end.
  16. Sometimes I don’t want to sleep even after midnight when a good (or good-looking) friend is chatting with me. But even when I try to sleep I keep tossing in the bed because I feel love frogs jumping inside my heart.
  17. Although I don’t know how to smile, I feel sooooo… happy when I see their smiling faces. Their? Yes, their. I miss them when they don’t appear on Facebook.
  18. I get depressed when they appear in the chat box for a few moments then go behind the curtain by turning off the chat.
  19. I curse myself when because of certain personal reasons, I have to turn down the romantic offers that I get from abroad.
  20. I feel perturbed when they ask me to become a fan of their Facebook page. Dunno what’s so special that they can tell me only as a fan and not as a friend.
  21. They keep using Facebook Pokes or keep calling me to play useless Facebook games. But I don’t know how to handle such requests for I believe only in real-life games. Virtual games put me off. I expect them to express their true feelings behind such requests by sending personal Facebook messages to me. Yes, why not!

And thus the virtual affair continues…

Now, if you’re my true Facebook friend, wish me ‘luck’ – the real luck – on Facebook.

Thank you.

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Company

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