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Rand McNally Launches New Digital Edition Classroom Atlas

Rand McNally Launches New Digital Edition Classroom Atlas

Rand McNally’s Classroom Atlas is now available in digital format to help students interact with the world with the touch of an iPad.

This is the latest educational tool that Rand McNally has introduced to help teachers incorporate geography across the curriculum in social studies, history and geography, as well as reading programs and writing lesson plans.

From pull-down wall maps and printed atlases to 21st century digital tools, Rand McNally says its products promote global literacy by helping students learn about the world around them.

“As technology advances in education, Rand McNally’s digital tools enable students to learn more effectively — not just in the classroom but at home or anywhere,” said Stephen Fletcher, CEO of Rand McNally.

Available now in Apple’s iBooks Store, this digital book includes more than 100 physical, political, and thematic maps plus vivid photographs and graphs – all accessible without an Internet connection.

Students can flip through the Classroom Atlas, tap images and content to highlight and add notes to reference later. The interactive format also makes it easier for students to magnify a particular region on a map for a closer look.

For teachers, the Classroom Atlas has more learning tools to use as quiz material, including questions to teach students how to think critically, and brain teasers.

Beyond its 100-plus maps, the Classroom Atlas features:

  • Graphs and charts to illustrate information from the map, and photographs to show students how the features shown on the map look in the real world.
  • Did you know? questions presenting interesting facts about the world.
  • What if? questions asking students to use information from the atlas and other sources to think critically to answer a question.
  • Key geographical terms in an alphabetical glossary.
  • Chapter on world facts and comparisons.

In addition to the new Classroom Atlas, Rand McNally’s World Atlas is available as a digital online educational tool.

Rand McNally offers maps, navigation, and travel content.

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