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Custom Content Services from RMN Company

Custom Content Services from RMN Company

Custom Content Services from RMN Company

Custom Content Services from RMN Company

RMN Company, which is an integrated technology media and entertainment company, is now offering its custom content services to organizations across the world.

What Exactly Is Content?

Language is an important component of content. But it’s not the language the way most understand it. When it comes to content, instead of plain language, you need to write parlance or lingo used in a particular field for which you’re creating content. In this parlance and terminology, each word has a specific connotation, which is different from simple meaning of that word.

Then these words are wrapped in an engaging expression (and visuals in some cases) to create content, which is supposed to engage the target audience.

This content can be a simple page on your brand website, name of a product, a film script, a book, a 140-character tweet on a microblog like Twitter, a mobile message, or a hyperlinked intro message on a social media site like Facebook or Linkedin.

Depending on the consumers, content is created keeping in view many factors such as information structuring, flow of thoughts, quality of expression, uniqueness of the subject, communicative language, sentence construction, paragraph structures, transitions, reading relief, use of visual elements, and so on.

Content creation is not an easy job and only that person can create content who understands the entire ecosystem for which content is being created. By a simple rule of thumb, you can safely assume that there can be a dozen ordinary content writers in every street of a city, but it’ll not be easy for you to find a real content expert in the entire city.

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The Need

The need for quality content is more pronounced in today’s digitally driven business world where consumers are already facing an information overload from multiple data sources and a surfeit of frontend devices. Consequently, brands are struggling to create engaging content that could attract their buyers and other stakeholders.

Now, it’s an established fact that staid content including traditional brand messages, pictures, and videos are not able to attract the consumer eyeballs. Conventional content and marketing communication models have failed to deliver the desired results.


To meet the end-to-end brand communication needs of organizations, RMN Company creates bespoke content that brands can use on multiple content distribution platforms, such as:

  • Web / Computers
  • Mobiles (Feature Phones), Smartphones, Tablets
  • Gaming Devices (with gesture recognition technology)
  • Living Room Gadgets
  • Digital Signage Displays
  • Theaters
  • Connected Kiosks
  • Traditional media products such as TVs, Newspapers, Magazines
  • Internet of Things (Future)
  • Virtual Worlds (Future)

Content That We Provide: Some Examples

  • Complete management of Press / Media sections on your corporate or brand website
  • Content for microsites around a brand, e-DMs, rich-media ads, digital newsletters, e-booklets
  • Content for Webinars, product literature, case studies, conferences, exhibitions
  • Press Release Content [ Read: How to Write and Deliver a Press Release These Days ]
  • Mock Interviews
  • Paid / Sponsored Posts
  • Specialized digital media content for infomercials, viral videos, social media messaging, mobile messaging

We also offer our premium content development services to attract more consumers and enhance their engagement with the brand. Depending on customers’ need and budget, we also use creative techniques like fiction, cartooning, illustrations, animations, short films, and so on for brand communications.


Although customers can select different external platforms to deliver the content developed by us, we also offer to deliver our customers’ custom content through RMN Company’s own global online content properties, including:

Raman Media Network – General Global News Site

RMN Digital – Global Technology News Site

RMN Stars – Global Entertainment News Site

RMN Kids – Edutainment Site for Kids

Project Leader

The entire custom content project is being spearheaded by Rakesh Raman, the CEO of RMN Company.He has more than 20 years of experience in the technology and media markets as a technologist, senior tech journalist, analyst, and columnist.

These days, he is specializing in Digital / New Media / Social Media content and communications and managing RMN Company’s global news services.

Profile Highlights:

Rakesh has worked as:

  • Tech business columnist for The Financial Express newspaper
  • Editorial Director for an online tech media company, ITNation (acquired by UTV)
  • Group Technology Editor for A&M Group magazines, including A&M (on Advertising & Marketing) and Global (on international trade)
  • Editor – Special Projects and Features Editor for Cyber Media Group, a leading technology media organization
  • Asstt. Associate Editor for Computers Today magazine (India Today Group)
  • Independent tech/business writer for The Tribune and The Indian Express newspapers

Rakesh has handled major content development, editorial, and custom publishing projects for leading global technology companies including IBM, HP, Intel, 3D Networks, SAP, and a few leading Indian companies.

You may please check out his detailed profile at this link.

Besides our custom content services described above, we also offer our high-end digital marketing services to companies. You may please take a look.


Depending on clients’ requirement, we undertake standalone as well as turnkey projects to create and deliver content for diverse groups of consumers in global markets.

Companies and brands in different market segments can hire our services for getting creative content for pure entertainment projects, advertising, and integrated marketing communications.

Thank you

Rakesh Raman

CEO, RMN Company

You may please contact me using my official e-mail or personal e-mail.

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