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Livefyre Unveils StreamHub for Social Businesses

Social business solutions company Livefyre has launched StreamHub, a Web-based Engagement Management System (EMS).

According to the company, StreamHub brings the social Web experience to any publisher, television network or brand site by curating the entire social Web and incorporating relevant discussions into their sites alongside original content, all igniting community interaction.

Including social content from across the Web, such as tweets, images, comments and videos, enables digital media companies and brand sites to create real-time community experiences and become the center of conversation, says the company.

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Livefyre also provides Live Comment, Live Blog and Live Chat applications on the Web to make both curated and original content interactive in real-time.

“Livefyre is bringing forward the next generation of real-time community applications, allowing stories to become interactive about any topic imaginable right on an organization’s site, using original content as well as images, videos and tweets, curated from across the social Web,” said Jordan Kretchmer, founder & CEO, Livefyre.

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Introduced today, Sept. 11, the StreamHub system allows the customization of external content from across the social Web, delivering only material relevant to specific audiences in real-time. Content can be curated by topic, geolocation and source.

It facilitates easy edits through an intuitive user interface, allowing any website owner or editor to change the applications on their site, seamlessly moving between Live Blog, Live Chat or other widgets for audiences to best engage with their content.

The easy built-in tools give editors complete control over the content they are curating without having to write a single line of code, suggests the company.

The solution also provides insight from data running through Livefyre’s products by generating custom reports or viewing information in Web analytic tools such as Google Analytics or Omniture.

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