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NASA Invites You to #PictureEarth Social Media Event

NASA #PictureEarth Social Media Event

NASA #PictureEarth Social Media Event

NASA invites you to participate in the #PictureEarth social media event. You can post a close-up photo on social media of your favorite natural features, such as crashing waves, ancient trees, blooming flowers, or stunning sunsets.

Use the hashtag #PictureEarth and upload the photo on April 22. Also, include the location where the photo was taken in the text of your social media post.

On Earth Day, NASA will share some of NASA’s most stunning images of Earth from space. It will check Instagram, Twitter, and NASA Earth Facebook event page to find your images and select photos from around the world to showcase later in videos and composite images.

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NASA satellite and airborne instruments picture Earth every day. These images, shared with scientists and the public worldwide, may use visible light, like a photographer’s camera, or peer into infrared, microwave and radio wavelengths that are invisible to human eyes.

Scientists use data from all of NASA instruments, and Earth-observing spacecraft from other nations, to build a picture of the planet that grows more and more complete over time.

On April 26, NASA’s next addition to Earth-observing fleet, the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 3, is set to launch to the International Space Station. The new knowledge made possible by this fleet helps create solutions to important global issues such as changing freshwater availability, food security, and human health.

You can click here for more information about NASA’s #PictureEarth.

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