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Kanhaiya Kumar Lookalike Features in Parody Ad

Kanhaiya Kumar Lookalike Features in Parody Ad

Kanhaiya Kumar Lookalike Features in Parody Ad

An online travel company has released its latest video ad featuring a lookalike of Kanhaiya Kumar, a Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) leader.

The ad shows Kanhaiya lookalike at an airport counter where he fails to get a window seat. In order to express his anguish, he starts raising popular ‘Azadi‘ (freedom) slogan demanding the freedom to choose seat in an airplane.

Kanhaiya is facing sedition charges and was released on bail from jail last month.

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Undeterred by the ongoing police case against him, Kanhaiya is constantly criticizing India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his political party BJP, ABVP which is the student wing of BJP, and their parent outfit RSS for crushing the voices of dissent in the country.

Kanhaiya says that it was a pre-planned ploy of the government to arrest him and a couple of other JNU students on frivolous charges so the students should not raise their voices against the atrocious, anti-people policies of the BJP government.

He pledged to continue the struggle with the help of other students in order to get freedom from poverty and social evils that have become the bane in India’s development.

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