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How to Develop a Marketing Strategy on Social Media

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy on Social Media

How to Develop a Marketing Strategy on Social Media

Boston digital marketing agency, Pepper Gang, debuts its educational slide share on the top things to avoid when implementing a marketing strategy on social media.

The slide share “What Are You Even Doing? 6 Things People Do on Social Media That I Hate” provides social media marketing tips in a way that is stated to be humorous and engaging.

This slide share is great for businesses that already have a social media presence, but that may be unsure about their posting and tweeting behaviors, says the company.

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“Although there are many businesses taking advantage of social media, not every entity is doing so correctly,” said Stefanie Daneau, co-founder of Pepper Gang. “Our slide share is a quick way for businesses to gain insights on what posting and tweeting behaviors come across as bothersome or ‘spammy.’ When educating on a fun topic such as social media, we love to do so in a way that is just as entertaining. That’s why we chose the popular and share-worthy Slide Share as a platform to release these tips.”

Tips from the slide share include:

  • Do not use excessive amount of hashtags in individual posts or tweets
  • Do not send automated messages to new followers as this comes across as spam-like behavior
  • Do not forget to thank a person / company when they have shared or promoted a piece of your content

You can view the slide share.

Pepper Gang is a Boston-based digital marketing agency that specializes in creating integrated marketing solutions.

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