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Insurance Gets Social with The Sims Social

Through a collaboration with Progressive Insurance and Electronic Arts (EA), sparkly unicorns will soon be commonplace in virtual homes all over the world. The two companies have introduced a branded quest in The Sims Social, giving people the opportunity to earn their own mythical one-horned horse. Announced Friday, Feb. 17, it’s claimed to be the first branded quest in the popular social game.

“We wanted to make a quest that was fun and rewarding, but didn’t jeopardize the integrity of the experience for the user,” said Chris Scott, Progressive’s emerging media manager. “It will play like other quests in the game, but will be unique in that quest instructions will be given by Flo, Progressive’s quirky Superstore employee.”

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“The Sims Social on Facebook provides Progressive Insurance with the perfect platform to connect with a highly engaged audience,” said Dave Madden, senior VP of Global Media Solutions at Electronic Arts. “By incorporating a uniquely branded quest within The Sims Social, we’re able to reward our players with relevant content that enhances their gameplay thanks to Progressive Insurance.”

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Similar to other quests in The Sims Social, users will be given a series of in-game tasks to complete. When the quest is finished, players will be rewarded with a sparkly Progressive-themed unicorn. As an added incentive for completing the quest, users who display the unicorn in their home will receive daily benefits for a limited time.

The Sims Social integration marks the latest online digital adventure created by Progressive. The insurance company has previous experience in the online gaming space, producing games like Route-Rageous and Superstore Shuffle.

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To play the Progressive quest in The Sims Social now, visit For more information about The Sims Social, visit

Progressive offers insurance for personal and commercial autos and trucks, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, and homes.

Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) is a global player in digital interactive entertainment market.

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