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How to Create a 3D Headshot with Your Mobile Phone

How to Create a 3D Headshot with Your Mobile Phone

How to Create a 3D Headshot with Your Mobile Phone

It is a three-dimensional (3D) photo app optimized for iPhone5 and iPad. Introduced by HinesLab, Inc. of Glendale, CA, Popix3D offers on-the-spot editing.

It represents the first iOS product offered by HinesLab, which develops 3D photographic equipment, miniaturized cameras and auto-stereoscopic 3D displays.

By simply turning your phone the 3D headshot appears to protrude out from the screen. The app uses video to capture head rotation and then displays it for easy hands-on editing. The photos can be shared using email, Facebook or Twitter.

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The Popix3D app uses the front or back camera with a merge option for headshots and a variety of fun add-on costume props and 3D effects. The front camera captures headshots that rotate from side to side.

A chroma-key technique using the back camera is provided for advertisers to photograph products such as clothes, jewelry, hats and other apparel. It is ideal for advertisers to promote their merchandise.

App users can try on items virtually. From a link on advertisers’ websites, customers can download the Popix3D image of the merchandise and combine it with their headshots.

The headshot app can be downloaded at the Apple app store for 99¢. Orders for 3D stereoscopic postcards created from any Popix3D picture can also be purchased in the app.

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