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How to Turn Your Website Content into a Magazine for Smartwatches

Magazine for Smartwatches

Content visualization company Vexigo Ltd. today announced the release of the Visualizr, a new tool that aims to empower publishers to instantly turn website content into a personalized magazine.

“Using our proprietary in-house technology, we are able to help publishers convert their website’s content into a stunning magazine, tailor-made for each visitor – and all this in less than one minute,” says Dan Gilai, director of Product at Vexigo.

“Visualizr is a ‘tuned-in’ magazine with a personalized selection of content for each visitor built on a contextual understanding of a reader’s interests and preferences.”

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Each time the Visualizr is triggered, it scans every component on your website and builds a magazine based upon a reader’s areas of interest.

Vexigo’s patented contextual analysis engine – the driving power behind the Visualizr – performs a real-time analysis of an individual’s navigation behavior in order to populate the magazine, says the company.

Geared as a mobile first solution, according to the company, the Visualizr provides a good user experience on all mobile devices, including smartwatches. Users want to quickly read the stories that matter most and the Visualizr delivers exactly that: a personalized, mobile-optimized experience.

Founded in 2009, Vexigo offers content visualization and video advertising solutions.

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