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JetBlue Airways Using Mobiles to Train Crewmembers

JetBlue University, the corporate university of JetBlue Airways, has partnered with Allen Communication Learning Services to develop their first internal mobile device solution, an Interactive map of their new Long Island Support Center (LSC) in Long Island City, NY.

JetBlue University, with campuses in Orlando, Salt Lake City and New York, offers support in training, education, and career and skills development for the over 12,000 JetBlue Crewmembers.

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The new mobile solution will help employees and visitors quickly acclimate to the new facility and get the most out of its amenities, says JetBlue. Though JetBlue employees rely heavily on BlackBerry devices, the new mobile solution is designed to work with all mobile devices, as well as traditional desktop platforms. It was announced Tuesday, March 6.

The cross-platform compatibility, combined with its intuitive design and easy-to-use functionality, was key to ensuring the new solution was available as a resource for all stake-holders.

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“Fitting an interactive map into a small cell phone or tablet screen had unique challenges,” said Murry Christensen, director of Learning Technologies and Administration, at JetBlue University.

“The ability to scroll, zoom and pan to easily find the on-map resources was key in helping users orientate themselves in the space and then identify their destination relative to their location. We’re very pleased with the results and our Crewmembers have been quick to adopt this helpful new resource.”

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“Relatively simple learning tools like this interactive map can have a huge impact on employee change management and adoption, whether you’re dealing with a new facility or a new enterprise software system,” said Ron Zamir, CEO of Allen.

“The JetBlue University team has been forward thinking and innovative in their approach to educating their employees, and we’re proud to be able to support such an innovative approach to training and development.”

This isn’t the first collaboration between JetBlue and Allen. JetBlue University uses the highly customizable Allen Learning Portal as their learning management system to deliver their entire online course catalog to JetBlue Crewmembers.

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