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Nokia Location Platform for Ford Connected Cars

Nokia today announced that Ford’s research organization will use the Nokia Location Platform to advance innovation for smart and connected vehicles, as demonstrated by the Ford EVOS concept car.

Ford selected the Nokia Location Platform to leverage Nokia’s global location content, including the NAVTEQ Map, as well as scalable cloud services and APIs.

This complete solution offers a fast, easy and cost-effective path to create innovative and differentiated location products, says Nokia.

In the cutthroat car market, auto makers are using technology heavily to pull off brand differentiation and win consumer loyalty.

On one hand, they are using digital tools to communicate with the buyers; on the other, they’ve deployed high-end tech gear to streamline their manufacturing processes. (Read: How to Drive Digital and Social Cars)

The Ford EVOS concept car showcases a future in which cloud services go beyond Internet access and traffic-enabled routing.  For example, Ford’s concept car actually “learns” driver behavior to control, improve upon and personalize vehicle performance.

Another area of Ford’s research is designed to optimize hybrid powertrain efficiency. The Nokia Location Platform could automatically regulate a car’s powertrain as it travels through established or driver-specified “Green Zones”.

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“It’s exciting to see the Nokia Location Platform as an integral part of Ford’s mission to revolutionize the connected car,” said Christof Hellmis, VP Map Platform in Nokia’s Location & Commerce unit.

While the Ford EVOS is a concept car intended to show Ford’s technology vision for the future and is not itself scheduled for production, it does give a glimpse of the technology being researched for future car models, says Nokia.

Photo courtesy: Nokia

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