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How e-Health Access Uses Technology to Provide Health Care

Jayadeep Reddy

Jayadeep Reddy

India is a huge country of 1.25 billion people. It is a major concern for the government to provide health care to people across the country.

While traditional health care remains a challenge, here is a local company that has decided to leverage technology for the benefit of Indian consumers or patients.

Hyderabad-based e-Health Access Pvt. Ltd. has embarked upon some major digital initiatives to connect patients with leading doctors in the country.

Its Evaidya web property and Evaidya mobile app put medical advice within the reach of patients across India. Evaidya name is coined by combining e (for electronic) with Vaidya, the ancient Sanskrit word for doctor.

While RMN Digital decided to explore more on the company’s digital health care services, it invited Jayadeep Reddy, co-founder and CEO of e-Health Access for an exclusive interview with Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of RMN Digital.

Here is what Jayadeep Reddy says.

1. Are the Indian consumers ready to use health care services delivered through digital channels?

There has been a rapid shift in Indian consumers’ approach towards digital health in the past two years. With growth in internet usage and mobile penetration, people have started adopting health care through digital channels. Although India might be a little slow in the initial acceptance of technology, it is currently matching the global pace.

2. What had inspired you to launch your Evaidya Health App supported by the Evaidya website at the backend?

We have seen that our website generated 40% traffic through mobile and it is constantly growing day by day and the mobile app is the best tool to support mobile usage.

Secondary reason for this is doctor. Doctors have less time to login to our website and constantly monitor patient consultation. With mobile app, the response time has come down dramatically and they are able to answer patient queries on the fly.

3. How do you measure the performance of the Evaidya App? Can its benefits to the patients be measured empirically?

The main aim of Evaidya is to make users adopt the right primary health care practices that help them prevent future health complications. With Evaidya app helping them keep track of their health, we are sure that this is going to have a measurable impact on preventive and primary health care.

4. Do you run some awareness programs for patients and doctors so more patients could benefit from tech-based treatment?

We are very much focused on patient education. Our newsletter and health database are consumed very well by users. Doctors on the other side are also quite educated on the usage of technology to globalize their practice.

5. Does Evaidya provide interface in English language only or can it be used in regional languages?

We currently support nine regional languages in our services and our doctors are empaneled from various geographies.

6. Do you see a day in future when technology-based health care services could fully replace traditional forms of services offered by hospitals – at least for those diseases which are not serious in nature?

Indian health care system is completely broken in terms of record keeping and health tracking. The future is all about digital health. And we are not here to replace hospitals, but we are complementing them to provide effective services through various mediums.

7. How do you plan to expand the scope of Evaidya?

Evaidya is a hybrid model in health care. We have a parallel focus on urban and rural health. While mobile and web takes care of our urban users, our medical kiosk technology is focused on rural health by working with governments and local organizations.

Jayadeep Reddy (pictured above) is the co-founder and CEO of e-Health Access. As he saw a huge gap in the health care industry in terms of patient-doctor communication, he launched His prime focus is to create a technology-based ecosystem and set a benchmark in primary health care. Prior to launching his own enterprise, Jayadeep was a hospital management consultant.

This interview is published under the RMN Digital’s “Thought Leaders” series in which top tech market leaders of the world express their views on different burning issues and market trends.

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