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Google Glass Lets You Know the People Around You

SocialRadar for Google Glass

SocialRadar, an application that gives real-time information about the people around you, announced today a new, free app for Google Glass.

The app for the Glass device combines real-time social network information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Google+ with geo-location data from your Glass device to empower you to make smarter real-world connections, says the company.

“We see a huge potential market for our app related to wearables and we’re excited to be one of the early leaders in tech development,” said Michael Chasen, founder and chief executive officer at SocialRadar.

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When you walk into a room, SocialRadar for Google Glass tells you who is there, how you are connected and what they have been up to on social networks, right in front of your eye.

The app gives you all the information you need for a personal, well informed, interaction. For example, you will always remember other people’s names as your Glass will know everyone in the room.

You will no longer struggle with what to talk about because your Glass will pull all of the person’s social feeds to let you know what they have been doing. And, you will not need to wonder if you are missing anyone important at the event, as your Glass will tell you everyone in the room that you know, says the company.

The SocialRadar app for Google Glass is available for free.

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