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Glide Gets New Video Capture Features on iOS

Glide Gets New Video Capture Features on iOS

Israeli startup Glide released Friday new updates to its iOS app. Glide for iOS now gives users more control over how their videos appear with a new set of camera features that will make video capture more fun and expressive, says the company.

New features in Glide for iOS include:

Focus, Zoom, and Flash – Tap on the viewfinder to focus, zoom in and out while recording, and use the flash to make videos brighter.

New Filters – Try the new ‘Pixels’ and ‘Toon’ filters to make videos even more unique.

Multi-Photo Sharing – Want to share more than one photo with friends or family? Now you can select up to 5 photos to share at once.

Super Emojis – Emojis now get supersized when you send them one at a time!

“Glide is already the easiest and most expressive way to capture and share moments in real-time,” said Adam Korbl, chief product & marketing officer of Glide. “These exciting new features add more fun and personality to the live video messaging experience that uniquely characterizes Glide.”

Glide is available for free for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch in the App Store.

Founded in 2012, Glide is a messaging application to leverage streaming video technology.

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