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FBI Unleashes Cat to Catch Computer Hackers

FBI Cyber Action Team

FBI Cyber Action Team

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has set up a Cyber Action Team (CAT) to deal with computer hackers.

This rapid deployment group of cyber experts can be on the scene just about anywhere in the world within 48 hours, claims FBI.

The group provides investigative support to answer critical questions that can quickly move a case forward.

“Our goal is to provide information that can be actioned immediately,” said Special Agent Chris Lamb, a CAT member since 2007. “A lot of the evidence in a cyber intrusion may only be there for a little while,” he said. “The trail can get cold pretty quickly.”

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Established by the FBI’s Cyber Division in 2006 to provide rapid incident response on major computer intrusions and cyber-related emergencies, the team has approximately 50 members located in field offices around the country.

They are either special agents or computer scientists, and all possess advanced training in computer languages, forensic investigations, and malware analysis.

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Since the Cyber Action Team’s inception, the FBI says it has investigated hundreds of cyber crimes. More than 50 of those cases were deemed of such significance that the rapid response and specialized skills of the Cyber Action Team were required.

Photo courtesy: FBI

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