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Digital Radio Service Adds News and Weather Add-Ins

Clear Channel’s all-in-one digital radio service, iHeartRadio, today announced Add-Ins, a new feature of its Custom Stations.

It will offer users more control over their personalized digital listening experience. Beginning today, March 11, the new “Add-Ins” feature will enable iHeartRadio listeners to insert short local news, weather and traffic updates into their Custom Stations when listening online.

iHeartRadio, which provides instant access to more than 1,500 live broadcast and digital-only radio stations in the U.S., plus Custom Stations inspired by artists and songs, will now offer a geo-targeted news and information experience.

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“Add-Ins” brings another level of personalization to listeners’ Custom Stations by allowing users to add local news, traffic and/or weather via regular updates into the listening experience.

This new feature will leverage Clear Channel’s national network of more than 850 stations in 150 markets and utilize its radio resources to provide listeners with a custom experience.

Digital Radio Service

iHeartRadio’s ability to utilize Clear Channel’s broadcast resources allows users to receive localized information based on their current location or choose to receive updates from other markets while listening to the music.

Once enabled in Account Settings, “Add-Ins” will automatically pinpoint the listener’s location — or users can set an alternate location by entering a zip code under the manual “Add-Ins” settings.

“With iHeartRadio’s new ‘Add-Ins’ feature, listeners can choose to stay connected to their hometown, get easy updates on their work commute and know whether or not they should take an umbrella when they leave the house,” said Brian Lakamp, president of Digital, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

Add-Ins is now available on, with iPhone, Android and other platforms are expected.

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