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Disqus Invites You to Discuss on its New Platform

Disqus, a Web-based discussion platform, today announced the introduction of Disqus 2012.

Core to the new platform is the full integration of community curation, personalized content, social discovery and a real-time discussion experience.

According to Disqus, some of the key additions to Disqus 2012 include:

  • Reimagined user experience. The new Disqus is designed to drive increased site participation and traffic.
  • Community and traffic drivers. Through a new Community view, sites will be able to recirculate readers to other relevant content and discussions on their site. This new view shows off the website’s top participants as well as some of the hottest discussions happening at the moment.
  • Social sharing. Streamlined sharing features via Facebook and Twitter guide even more people into the conversation while keeping users on the publisher’s site.
  • SEO-compatibility. The new Disqus is architected in a way that will allow it to be naturally discoverable by Google — out of the box, without any extra work by publishers.

“While there are many rich social networks and dynamic content destinations, commenting has for too long been a one-dimensional user experience. Disqus 2012 changes this dramatically and enables publishers, bloggers and brands to tap into the rich content within discussion,” said Daniel Ha, Disqus cofounder and CEO.

The company says publishers can get access to the free-to-use Disqus 2012.

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