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Disney Launches Digital Language Learning Product

Disney Publishing Worldwide (DPW), the world’s leading publisher of children’s books and magazines, will increase its presence in the digital learning space with its first language learning product.

Learn Chinese: Toy Story 3 will expand DPW’s existing base of educational products with a new approach based on the company’s experience in teaching English. The app will be available in the U.S., China, Australia and 25 additional countries throughout Europe and Asia. It was announced Tuesday, March 6.

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“As digital media continues to impact the way children learn, it is up to us to create products that enhance that learning experience,” said Russell Hampton, president, Disney Publishing Worldwide.

“Disney is all about bringing the most creative content to children and families around the world through innovative technology. Our Language Learning app delivers on that goal while allowing children to read and learn wherever, whenever, and however they want on their mobile devices.”

This app is the first in a series of leveled Disney storybooks that combine Disney magic with proven language learning methods where children learn key English and Mandarin vocabulary and grammar.

This first app story contains multiple versions of the Disney-Pixar title Toy Story 3, which gradually transforms from English to Chinese, mixing the new with the known by playing with 5 levels of the story.

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Learn Chinese: Toy Story 3, which is based on the proven pedagogical approach to language learning called Diglot Weave, includes professional bilingual narration across all levels, including music and sound effects; pronunciation of individual words available at a tap; audio and visual translations of individual words available with an easy-to-use translator; and voice recording to practice and compare pronunciation with the narrator.

Disney English is Disney Publishing’s global brand that encompasses licensed language learning products sold at retail around the world, 31 language learning centers in China, direct-to-consumer language learning products in Japan, and with the launch of Learn Chinese: Toy Story 3, digital learning in the U.S., China, and more than 25 other countries.

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