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Times Internet Brings Indian Music on Mobile

Online music streaming service from Times Internet has launched Gaana 3.0 app for Android and iOS.

The app is packaged with a faster search engine, which makes it easier to browse, discover and favorite music from a large collection of over 3 million songs, says the company.

The available music catalogue is spread across Bollywood, international and regional spanning 18 languages and multiple genres.

The new app boasts thousands of editorially curated playlists, professionally programmed radio streams and a host of social music discovery and personalization features.

The app offers listeners an opportunity to tune in to a variety of pre-programmed radio streams (Radio Mirchi streams and Gaana Radios), featuring popular Radio Jockeys’ bytes, celebrity favorites and curated music.

The main attraction being ‘One Touch Radio’ which plays continuous music based on a user’s music taste. Integration with user’s social network enables the users to discover new music through friends.

Users can download the songs within the app. The music service is available on the web, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and J2ME platforms. is Times Internet’s music destination, providing free and unlimited access to licensed music.

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