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Digitas to Offer 3D Motion Capture Brand Experiences

Integrated brand agency Digitas announced Thursday a partnership program with New York University’s Movement Lab, a motion capture studio and research group dedicated to the analysis and animation of all forms of human movement.

The collaboration marks the launch of a Partnership Program in which Digitas Labs, a global, tech-inspired incubator within the agency, will team up with tech start-ups and educational institutions to develop digital innovations.

“There’s a revolution happening in content right now,” states Colin Kinsella, CEO, Digitas North America.

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Potential marketing applications for 3D motion capture technology include the creation of high-quality live-action experiences for sports and entertainment fans; new types of “deep content” Web search experiences; and in-store body-language kiosk applications.

The NYU Movement Lab will create a state-of-the-art 3D motion capture lab in the Digitas New York office, allowing the agency access to leading-edge technologies.

Photo courtesy: Digitas

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