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Digitas Unveils BrandLIVE to Define Brand Relevance

Integrated brand agency Digitas has unveiled BrandLIVE, a proprietary platform that promises to create relevance and value for brands.

Combining social and content strategies with the agility of a news organization, this real-time, brand relevance approach to participation and publishing will feature a full suite of partners, products, and tools, says the company.

BrandLIVE is stated to be both an agency model and technology suite. The three part process and client service model includes:

The Wire: The source for discovery

  • Social listening, translation, and interpretation
  • Trend analysis
  • Real-time analytics
  • Audience design
  • Brand intelligence
  • Content consumption and sharing

The BrandLIVE Newsroom: Ideas. Impact. In Real-Time.

  • Proactive and reactive content and content strategies
  • Dedicated, creatively-led teams
  • Consolidated social engagement across all owned assets

The Multicast: Targeted publishing and distribution

  • Feeds owned channels to drive earned media and identify amplification opportunities for paid analytics that feed back to The Wire for real-time tracking, enabling real-time optimization

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Digitas BrandLIVE

Digitas BrandLIVE

“Brands want and need to be relevant in consumers’ lives. But relevance has a deadline,” said Colin Kinsella, CEO Digitas N. America.

“BrandLIVE finds the mutually beneficial intersection of consumer interest and brand purpose with the speed of a newsroom and the creativity of a brand agency. We build proactive and reactive content at that intersection, anchored by advanced analytics and a technical ecosystem that powers BrandLIVE.”

The platform is powered by dedicated teams with two BrandLIVE rooms in Digitas Boston that model the technology, intelligence and mindset of a news organization on behalf of brands.

Two BrandLIVE rooms are currently under construction in Digitas New York and Digitas Chicago. Both are due to open by end of 2012.

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